ENERGY TUNING™ is a unique and exciting approach for looking after your health and energy. It is a way of healing energy with energy and of replacing negative energy with positive energy. Developed by Gerdi Altman and refined through many years of research and working with clients all over the world it continues to offer gentle yet very effective treatments and adjustments across the miles. 

Many people are now familiar with the idea that we are much more than our physical bodies. In fact, each and every one of us is a complex system of interacting energy levels which are always in motion, they always "vibrate", and they help to "build" our physical bodies on an ongoing basis.

Each one of us has his/her own individual ideal frequency at which these subtle energies vibrate.

Vibrating at the correct frequency means that all the energy in an individual's system as a whole is flowing nicely, calmly, without blockages or interruptions, and without wild fluctuations. In which case everything functions beautifully in all the layers and levels making up the system. The reflection, the evidence we see of this in the "real" world is a person showing and feeling excellent mental and physical health, in other words, well-being.

Of course there are people who are showing and feeling this well-being but sadly the overall picture is not so encouraging: many, many people are showing and feeling the exact opposite of well-being, and a certain percentage of these have even accepted this situation as normal having totally forgotten or never experienced what this well-being feels like.

Let's be clear about this: it is not normal to always or mostly or even often feel stressed, tired, low in energy, down, depressed, to get colds, the flu, allergies, etc. etc. It is normal to always or mostly feel good, healthy, stable, clean, clear, calm, upbeat, and optimistic. And, it's not just normal, it's possible.

                                                                             How do we make the switch?

It's all about changing or rebalancing the energies within an individual's energy system to get back to that ideal frequency. This is done by clearing up the blockages that are stopping the good stuff from coming through, cleaning up the 'rubbish' that has been allowed to collect over many years, and having access to advice on how to stay clean and how to support one's own system for those times when stress and negativity do manage to get through.

It should be possible to do this by yourself, and in a way it is. Actually, we do some of this all the time. Sometimes, it's nearly automatic. When we take a break from stressful situations, stop any bad habits, start a good habit, surround ourselves with positivity instead of negativity, and so on. But often, it is difficult to sustain things, so the stress, the negativity comes back, and the whole thing starts all over again. And the longer this goes on, the harder it is to come out of it. Situations that have developed over many years may have become such a heavy burden that it no longer seems possible to make positive changes without some help.

This is where vibrational or subtle energy therapies come in. They can help to 'clean up the mess', 'refuel' with some good stuff and hold your hand until your system is really ready and strong enough to perform its normal functions again, by itself. This is what it was designed for and so, it's all about getting back to normal = health = well-being.

ENERGY TUNING™ combines many aspects of therapies that are available today plus many newly developed features into one, consistent approach. For example, there are elements of radionic principles, mind-body therapies, colour healing, crystal healing, homeopathy, water cleansing therapies, flower remedies, healing with light, Ayurveda, vitamin and mineral therapies, tree remedies, aromatherapy, positivity therapy, Chinese herbs, chakra balancing, acupuncture and acupressure principles, and many more.

The perfect instrument for detecting, measuring, tracking and monitoring these subtle energies is the pendulum. A pendulum can be any weight of any material, size and shape suspended from a chain, or even a piece of string. By recognising and interpreting the movements of a pendulum correctly, subtle energies can be observed very precisely.

In ENERGY TUNING™ a very detailed analysis is drawn up of a client's whole energy system with the help of a pendulum.  This ensures a completely unbiased approach and result. In other words, no guessing, no personal opinions, no experimenting, no trial and error, no hit or miss situation. Through an energy link with the client, the pendulum will give the exact picture. And again, through the pendulum, a treatment schedule will be drawn up which is totally individual and therefore perfectly suitable for that specific client (you can try it here for free). 

The energy analysis is prepared from a distance. This means that the client does not need to be present and does not need to answer questions or fill out any forms. In fact, the client can be anywhere in the world.

Energy remedies are prepared using various techniques and are transferred to the client's energy system at the correct vibrational frequencies, dosages and strengths. Again, in 99% of cases, this is done entirely by distance. Once the healing energy has reached a client's system, it goes to work to sort out whatever imbalances and blockages are encountered .

Some clients report immediate results, others feel the treatments taking effect over a number of days or weeks. There are also those who have a very subtle experience and who might realise one day that certain problems or complaints have disappeared, that they feel well, but had not consciously been aware of the actual healing process .

Clients stay on 'energy drips' for as long as is needed to make sure that all levels have reached 100% and that the client's energy system has been re-activated sufficiently to start performing its normal functions again.

Clients can choose the type of treatment programme they feel most comfortable with but it is recommended that new clients go through a complete overhaul, which is a bit like a 10,000 mile service. This approach gives a very detailed picture and also serves as a foundation for further (follow-up) treatments.

Some clients need only one of these overhauls maybe once a year, others need some follow-ups, some prefer to be on an ongoing maintenance programme, others just like to keep their supply of various energy tablets topped up.

Fully individualised diet recommendations are also given to ensure the least possible stress on the system, and supplements and other energy remedies are available in tablet form and as healing/treatment cards.