Do I have to believe in this therapy for it to work for me?
No, you do not have to believe in anything at all for it to be effective. These treatments have been given with great success to animals and children who were mostly not even aware that anything was being done for them.

    Is there any need to come and see you in person?
No - no need whatsoever. However, some clients prefer to see me in person after all the work is done to discuss the analysis and treatments in detail. But, all this can just as easily be done by telephone, online consultation or email.

    Is dowsing reliable? 
Yes, it is very reliable. Provided it is done by someone who is experienced, who works in accordance with the laws of God (so, no divination or trying to contact other dimensions), and who also respects certain ethical principles concerning the client's private sphere. There is a lot of information  available on the internet if you are interested in finding out more about the background of dowsing and it may be a good idea to do some research first, so that you can ask the right questions if you need reassurance. You may like to check that the dowser makes sure they know where their 'answers' are coming from. The dowsing used in ENERGY TUNING™ is straightforward energy work and does not in any way involve accessing other dimensions: the energy is observed, measured and tracked according to the vibrations given off naturally by people and places.

    Can anyone be treated?  
Sometimes the indications are that it is better to wait with the treatments or that they are not suitable for a particular person. This is why "pre-checks" are carried out before a client is taken on. The pendulum will indicate whether a treatment is to go ahead or not. There is always a good reason for a negative indication, even if it is not immediately obvious. However, this situation only occurs very rarely and in 99% of cases the treatments can go ahead right away.

    What remedies do you use? 
The remedies used are always energy remedies. This means that no substance is ever involved. For example, if the indication is that a certain herb would be beneficial, the energy of this herb and not the physical herb itself would be  captured and adjusted in the correct way and sent across into the client's energy system.  There are thousands of remedies to choose from.

    What are energy 'drips'?
Once the correct energy remedies have been selected and prepared, they will be sent into the client's energy system. Whilst this process is going on, the client is on an energy "drip".

    What is the situation if I am taking medication?
There is no problem with this. Always continue to follow your doctor's advice concerning medication and any other medical care, and if you have any worries at all, discuss these energy treatments with your doctor before going ahead with them.

    Why do you give advice about diet?
The dietary advice gives an overview of the effects certain types of food have on your energy system. It is important to know in general but especially when going through a series of treatments, so that the system gets the best possible care.

    Will I need repeat treatments/follow-ups?
At the end of each series of treatments you will be given a recommended date for further treatments. It differs from person to person and it is entirely up to you if you choose to accept this advice or not.

    Can I choose from different treatments?
It is possible to choose different levels of treatment and also to order any type of  custom made healing/treatment cards. Please email me for more information or check out the price list.

    Is there anything I can learn to do by myself?
There are many things you can learn to do yourself. To become a fully fledged ENERGY TUNING™ practitioner takes a lot of study and application, and there are plans to develop a training course. But there are many other, practical procedures you can learn in a short time and which can be used in your day-to-day life. Contact me for information on how to help yourself and your family. 

Your Questions Answered