Energy in the human body can be detected, measured and tracked quite precisely.

To get a picture of your overall health and more specific issues, I check all the systems in your energy body (a mirror image of the physical one) through setting up a virtual link.

We will find things that run well, not so well or not at all, we'll clear blockages, energy drains, negative energy and toxins, and we'll put in clean, strong energy to reboot your system and raise your levels.

Then we step back and allow your body to finish the job.

You can go for a full overhaul but you can also start with a clearing session, targeted treatments or treatment/healing cards.

What to expect from a session:

During treatments:  everyone is different, so this will be a very individual experience.  You may feel a little tired, you may feel something good happening or you may feel nothing at all!  Don't worry, carry on your life as usual and know that you are being 'tuned'.

After a session:  some people notice immediate effects, for others it's a more gradual process and it's also possible to think that nothing has happened, only to realise later on that the problem has disappeared.

This is the great thing about being able to check the energy: comparing the before and after pictures will leave no doubt of the change in your situation.


Healing/treatment cards allow you to give yourself ongoing treatments at home.
Various techniques are used to charge the cards with the correct energy frequencies personal to each individual client to address any problem areas.

Typically, a glass of water is placed on the card, to allow the energy to be transferred from the card to the water.  One or two glasses of energized water per day should give you the correct treatment.
The remedies are aimed at strengthening your energy system to restore it to its normal functioning by allowing the natural healing process to occur.

Energy Health Treatments

Energy treatments are prepared for each individual client by choosing from what nature has to offer: vitamins, minerals, elements, herbs, plants, trees, spices, water etc, and then combining these at the right potencies and dosages to make the perfect remedies that are sent into that person's energy system from a distance or through a healing card.

​Energy Therapies & Guided Imagery 
​by Luanne Hunt

On the natural path to physical and emotional wholeness, there are bound to be a few bumps and bruises along the way. With every treatment or remedy, there's a time of waiting and learning to make adjustments to one's behavior. Getting well without the use of conventional medicine also causes us to exercise our faith muscle in ways that might be foreign or uncomfortable.

Holistic practitioner Gerdi Altman understands this delicate process and has guided countless people to optimum health through a natural therapy called Energy Tuning™. Altman said she takes great interest in the well-being of her clients, helping them tune in to positive, life-transforming energy.

She believes just about any physical or emotional issue can be corrected through Energy Tuning™, a technique she developed in 2000. According to Altman, the technique has helped correct everything from migraine headaches to chronic fatigue to depression. It involves changing or rebalancing the energies within an individual's energy system to bring them to the correct frequencies.

"Basically, I'm the cleaner and the alarm that tells people what's going on inside their bodies," said Altman, who holds a diploma in medical dowsing recognized by the Institute of Complementary Medicine in the United Kingdom and accredited by Thames Valley University.

"When I'm checking people, I loosen or get rid of the negative stuff and replace it with positive energy. It's like taking an X-ray of your energy, but I think it's a lot better because I can get a picture of everything that's going on within a person."

Through Energy Tuning™, Altman said she is able to identify imbalances and blocks using a pendulum and various energy level tests. Once these blocks are located, she implements a clearing process that will remove the rubbish and allow good energy to come through. This is accomplished with various energy remedies, which Altman sends into the client's energy system.

"The remedies used are always energy remedies and no substance is ever involved," said Altman. "For example, if the indication is that a certain herb would be beneficial, the energy of this herb and not the physical herb itself would be captured and adjusted in the correct way and sent across into the client's energy system. There are thousands of remedies to choose from."

When it comes to detecting, measuring, tracking and monitoring energies, Altman believes the pendulum is the perfect instrument. She said by recognizing and interpreting the movements of a pendulum correctly, energies in the human body can be observed with precision.

Altman's pendulum is lightweight and made of clear crystal. These devices can be of various weights and made of wood, metal or other materials. Typically, they are suspended from a chain or a string.

"Over the years, I've learned that the pendulum is extremely reliable," said Altman. "I can see from the strength of the swing, or spin, what's going on. There's no guessing, personal opinions, experimenting, trial-and-error or hit-or-miss situation. Through an energy link with the client, the pendulum will give the exact picture."

In order to get a clear snapshot of a person's health, Altman creates what she refers to as an energy link to them. She does this by asking them for their date and location of birth, as well as a strand of their hair.

This information allows her to begin checking all the energy systems in their body to see which are running correctly and incorrectly. She said a person does not need to be present for the therapy and she works with patients via telephone and e-mail all around the world.

According to Altman, a course of energy clearing and balancing can take days, weeks or sometimes months. She said while chronic conditions such as asthma and back pain may be more difficult to correct, less severe problems like the flu or eye irritations usually clear up quickly. All of Altman's treatments require follow-up sessions that differ in frequency depending on the individual's health issues.

Along with Energy Tuning™ sessions, Altman recommends a variety of holistic remedies to encourage healing, such as homeopathy, vitamins and minerals, Chinese herbs, Chakra balancing, aromatherapy and acupuncture, to name a few. Additionally, she educates her clients about the importance of proper nutrition.

For those on traditional medications or therapies, Altman said Energy Tuning™ will not interfere. She recommends that anyone undergoing medical treatment continue to follow their doctor's advice and let them know before starting any alternative program.

"Energy Tuning™ is very effective but people have to be open to making changes in regards to the way they take care of their bodies," said Altman. "It takes time and effort to turn your situation around.

"But many of my clients get really motivated when other people start noticing the changes in them. When they tell me stories about how someone said they look much healthier, that gives me the biggest pleasure."

ENERGY TUNING™ does not provide clients  with a 'mystical experience'.  The dowsing used for this approach is straightforward energy work, of the 'down to earth' variety.  It does not in any way attempt
to access other dimensions or entities, angels and so on.
There is no need for this, as the energy is observed, measured and followed according
to the vibrations that are given off by people and places naturally.