New Techniques for Health & Wellness


"....right on target...."  OS-USA

"Professional. Gives detailed reports."


"Really helpful. I feel better already." AM-UK

"Calm and good in her work and teachings." SS-USA


"I have a new body and so much energy!" FH-Israel

"I have faith in this healer and her energy work."

"It  really is astonishing; since starting your treatments I feel better and better. I would like to thank you so much once again."     ME - Germany

"Thank you so much for the tablets. They definitely do have an impact on the way I feel."                                                   MB - UK

"Thanks for all your help - it makes me feel so  much better."     OH - USA   

"It was amazing that you told me things which showed up in my scan - but you told me beforehand. Fantastic!"        AP - Netherlands

"After your treatments...something came out of me"           EB - Israel

"I had my eyes checked again after your treatments. This time I was told that I did not need stronger glasses after all but that my eyes had actually got better!"                                        AB - Netherlands

"At the exact time that you carried out the treatments, it was as though a switch was thrown and I felt better instantly."                      DT - Israel

"Thank you for everything. I am finding the energy treatments really working to my advantage."                                            MB - UK

" I now know when you are sending energy. I get a warm feeling all over and I know that you're doing something."                        JO - Australia

"People are asking me what it is that I am doing, why I look so
well and why I now walk much better."
                          GK - Israel

"I find it all absolutely astonishing, you were spot on. I'm amazed." 
                                                                                                               AV - Netherlands

"For the first time in years I feel 'normal' again, and I can see for myself that I look much better."                                      SG - Israel                                  

"I sure felt the effects of this clearing, quite powerful, just like the first one."                                                                               JB - Australia

"The skin problems that bothered me for years have completely disappeared."                                                               VM - Scotland

"Very gifted.  Extremely smart about the brain, body and energy. Healer efforts helped a lot!"                                                            

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