"Your clearing has had a powerful impact  on my feeling blocked...a subtle but powerful shift"             
                          Sandy, Australia

"Thank you! Clearing session was very powerful"                Lily, USA

" As the originator of ENERGY TUNING™
I have guided many people all over the world to optimum health and well-being by resetting their energy to the correct levels and frequencies.  It's like taking an energy X-ray and gives a behind-the-scenes picture of everything that is really going on within you." 
                                         Gerdi Altman - Energy Coach
Energy Check!  Regular clearings are absolutely essential for keeping your
energy clean and your vibration high

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Energy treatments are prepared for each individual client by choosing from what nature has to offer: vitamins, minerals, elements, herbs, plants, trees, spices, water etc, and then combining these at the right potencies and dosages to make the perfect remedies that are sent into that person's energy system from a distance or through a healing card.
What to expect:

> During treatments: everyone is different, so this will be a very individual experience.  You may feel a little tired, you may feel something good happening or you may feel nothing at all!  Don't worry, carry on your life as usual and know that you are being 'tuned'.

> After a session: some people notice immediate effects, for others it's a more gradual process and it's also possible to think that nothing has happened, only to realise later on that the problem has disappeared.

This is the great thing about being able to check the energy: comparing the before and after pictures will leave no doubt of the change in your situation.
What's involved:

Energy in the human body can be detected, measured and tracked quite precisely.

To get a picture of your overall health and more specific issues, I check all the systems in your energy body (a mirror image of the physical one) through setting up a virtual link.

We will find things that run well, not so well or not at all, we'll clear blockages, energy drains, negative energy and toxins, and we'll put in clean, strong energy to reboot your system and raise your levels.

Then we step back and allow your body to finish the job.

You can go for a full overhaul but you can also start with a clearing session, targeted treatments or treatment/healing cards.

New Techniques for Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness: are you ready for a new approach?


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Look & feel better * Get your energy back *

Health assessments * Free check-ups * Negative energy clearing
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Energy U-turns


Tired?  Stressed?  Feeling old?  Bad vibes at home or at work?  Get your energy checked and repaired!  Eliminate negative energy and restore your health, vitality, well-being and mental clarity ... from the comfort of your home  Find out how to make the switch from NEGATIVE TO POSITIVE ENERGY and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE that good, professional energy care can make.

There is a way to check your energy exactly: no hit or miss, and no guessing or going along with theories.  It is possible to make positive changes through energy adjustments, no matter what your situation is right now >
ask me how.

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 Calm & relax
 Pain zapper
 Flu fighter
 Energy boost
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ENERGY TUNING does not provide
clients with a 'mystical experience'. 
The dowsing used for this approach is straightforward energy work, of the 'down to earth' variety.  It does
not in any way attempt
to access other dimensions or entities, angels and so on.
There is no need for
this, as the energy is observed, measured
and followed according
to the vibrations that
are given off by people and places naturally.


ENERGY TUNING gives you everything you need to restore your energy levels and to get your energy and vitality back on track: you look after your home, your family - are you looking after you?              

                            1. Check your energy                                 
                            2. Clear negative energy                            
                            3.Tune your energy                                   

The quality of your personal energy is directly linked to the state of your health, your moods and to how you feel in general.  Responsible and regular energy care is a must for everyone who is serious about regaining and maintaining health, vitality and overall well-being. Do you understand what energy is and how it affects you? How positive is your energy really? How well does your energy flow? How well do you manage it? Do you have any negative energy and do you know how to eliminate it and how to keep it out? Do you need some good, professional help and advice?
Keep it simple: your natural state is health and well-being, and this is promoted and maintained by positive energy. Negative energy is simply not good for you. It causes tiredness, irritability, illness and disease.  If it's in your system, it needs to be eliminated and to be kept out. Do you have negative energy? Do you know how to find it? Do you know how to get rid of it? ENERGY TUNING knows how and is helping countless people all over the world to clean up their energy the professional way.
ENERGY TUNING  traces and follows your energy all the way and works with you to get you back to health, well-being and full energy. More and more people all over the world are successfully regaining their energy with this wonderful new approach, and so can you.          

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Disclaimer: ENERGY TUNING consists of a certain type of energy healing of which dowsing techniques form an integral part.  The treatments provided are in no way a replacement for traditional medical care and clients should (continue to) consult their qualified medical practitioner(s) for any health worries or complaints and for any medical emergencies.  Any tablets provided by ENERGY TUNING are energy remedies and do not contain any substance other than the ingredients they contained when purchased by ENERGY TUNING from a recognised homeopathic supplier.  The success of ENERGY TUNING treatments and services cannot be guaranteed and any advice given is to be viewed as recommendations for the benefit of the energy systems of clients only; this includes any recommendations with regard to the energy impact of certain types of food.